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Need a hero? Check our our April issue

Published on: December 30, 2013

I can't wait!

Little pings of excitement here at PM World Headquarters, as we await our annual "Superheroes" issue (being printed as we speak).  Every year, we pour heart and soul into this glorious spread: Ten wonderful stories about some of the most amazing people you've never heard of; Wil Austin's award-winning photography; and more than enough inspiration to lift Seattle up way above the clouds.

What can you say about a former 'bad' student - suspended dozens of times from her Seattle school - who comes back to fight to keep other kids in school?

...about the Seattle mother of three who finally had enough and started a crusade to build parks just for special-needs kids?

...about the man whose singlular vision and driving mission have resulted in a better life for hundreds of local kids who have nowhere to live?

Meet these amazing folks and 7 other 'Superheroes' when our April issue hits stands next week!

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