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Pagliacci Pizza Scavenger Hunt Leads to Free Pizza

Play for your chance to win free pizza for a year

Nancy Chaney

Published on: January 24, 2023

Image of a Pagliacci Pizza pepperoni pizza new scavenger hunt leads to free pizza prizes
Pagliacci Pizza

I say it all the time — and they don’t pay me to do it! — I love Pagliacci Pizza. The family-favorite local pizza chain is a mainstay in many a household’s dinner rotation, from regular pizza delivery to devouring slices in the car on the way home from practice.

Pagliacci occasionally offers fun promotions, such as free slices for different occasions, and we always try to bring you the news.

This time, it’s not free slices on offer, but a scavenger hunt game that promises the chance to win free pizza for a year. Imagine!?

Pagliacci’s scavenger hunt

For fun with pizza, Pagliacci is debuting a scavenger hunt game where five lucky winners will get a free pizza dinner every month for a year. Yum! Also, no cooking!

How to play:

First, note that the scavenger hunt runs for five days, Monday–Friday, Jan. 30–Feb. 3. You can play each day.

Second, you’ll want to download the Pagliacci app to get a leg up in the game. (You can still play, but you won’t really have a chance at the grand prize without the advance intel provided by the app.)

At 11 a.m. each day of the game, Pagliacci will announce a riddle via app notification. Solving the riddle will reveal that day’s featured Pagliacci location. Head to that location quickly (and safely!) to find the golden slice ticket — if you’re the first one there you’ll be the grand prize winner for the day.

The next batch of folks to arrive will win $50 Pagliacci gift cards. (The riddle will be posted to social media at 11:15 a.m., so there’s still an outside chance at a runner-up prize, but you’re unlikely to be in the running for the grand prize with the delay.)

Good to know

So, is the scavenger hunt designed to get people to download and use the Pagliacci app? It would seem so, but it’s free and the game sounds fun, so give it a go if you like.

As with all free food offers or prizes, we recommend packing your patience and adopting a festive attitude. What better way to get into a festive mood than in anticipation of pizza?

The 25 local Pagliacci locations stretch from Edmonds to Sammamish. Five of them will be featured in the scavenger hunt. Will the one nearest you be in the game?

Founded in 1979, Pagliacci is a local family favorite, with outlets serving slices, pies and salads that make for an easy, kid-pleasing dinner any day of the week.

Tip for newcomers: It’s pronounced “paul - ee - AH - chee” — the “g” is silent because it’s Italian. And the word “Pagliacci” means “clowns.” But not the creepy ones, the pizza-loving ones!

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