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ParentMap’s 2024 Superheroes

Meet some of the movers and shakers working for kids and families in Washington

Published on: March 29, 2024

some of this years superheroes AP Diaz, Sara Nelson and Jon Scholes
A few of this year's Superheroes: AP Diaz, Sara Nelson and Jon Scholes. Photo credit: Will Austin

ParentMap celebrates the passion of local leaders working tirelessly to improve the lives of kids and families in Washington state, individuals we call “superheroes.” 

Community is at the heart of our superhero selections. Each year, we spotlight inspiring people and organizations who lift up Washington kids and families, enhancing their lives and making the world a little bit better. Each is inspiring in their own right. As a group, they are a formidable force for good.

These community builders run the gamut. From grassroots organizers mobilizing people to vote, to religious leaders building bridges across beliefs to find unity, to empowering underprivileged teens through fashion. Get to know each of these incredible individuals working to make our community stronger.

Past superheroes you should know 

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