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ParentMap’s 2020 Superheroes for Washington Kids and Families

Q&As with local individuals worth celebrating

Patty Lindley

Published on: March 25, 2020

super girl wearing a cape on a yellow background

If there is any lesson of the testing and unprecedented circumstances we’re presently facing, it’s that times of existential uncertainty call for at least a modicum of above-average humanity — if not exponential, seriously Nobel-Prize-winning acts of superhumanity — from each of us. That’s why there is no small amount of relevance and resonance in the fact that this month’s issue coincides with our annual anointing of a new cohort of ParentMap Superheroes for Washington kids and families. 

The stories of this year’s ParentMap Superheroes (among them one representative Supercanine, Casper the Friendly Dog) we expect will stick with you. To their collective credit, they help young people discover redemption and renewed purpose through the power of grace; train the next generation of citizen artists; prioritize the mental health of our youth; weave the fabric of community through access to equitable and engaging educational experiences for all kids and families; support fostered youth to attain educational and life goals; mentor our next generation of changemakers; combat the ticking time bomb of climate change; teach children to read (Ruff, ruff!); and make sure that we never forget the lessons of the Holocaust.

What all our Superheroes demonstrate is that human transformation — whether in small and personal ways or in large and potentially globally impactful ways — is one of the most galvanizing and connective forces at work in the universe, and each and every one of us has the power within us to transform ourselves and the lives of others.

ParentMap Magazine April 2020This story is featured in the April issue of ParentMap magazine. Our inspiring Community Issue is filled with superheroic stories, as well as top tips to keep you safe and entertained at home. Check out the full issue here

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