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ParentMap’s 2019 Superheroes for Washington State Families

Champions for local kids and families

Published on: March 28, 2019

superhero kids

While you may not be able to spot them by the cape they are wearing or any obvious superhuman demonstration of do-gooding derring-do, we assure you that there are many actual superheroes who are living among us and working purposefully every day to improve the lives of kids and families in Washington state.  

Every year, the ParentMap staff is beyond honored to recognize and celebrate these tireless, selfless crusaders who strive to make life safer, fairer, better and more inclusive for all families, and particularly for the disadvantaged, victimized and most vulnerable among us. This year’s ParentMap Superheroes safeguard victims’ rights, redress injustice and inequality, empower the weakened and disabled, and inspire and create powerful community bonds. In short, they work to give all of us wings to fly.

Get ready to be inspired!

Read about ParentMap's 2019 Superheroes

April 2019 CoverParentMap's 2019 Superheroes

These superheroes are featured in the April 2019 issue of ParentMap magazine.

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