ParentMap, April 2010 Issue

Published on: April 23, 2010

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Need a hero?

A Seattle mother who builds playgrounds for disabled kids...

…a former troubled teen who fights to keep kids in a South Seattle school... and a scrappy champion for foster kids...

We hope that this year's “Superheroes" will inspire you! Also this month, should you shell out extra for organic? And should you let your 11-year-old see that PG-13 movie? We help you make sense of movie ratings.

Plus, how to talk so your kids will listen...and some great in-city nature escapes.

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Getting School Ready:
What parents say vs. what kids hear

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    Feature: Superheroes for Washington Families


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    About this issue

    I need a hero!

    “. . . to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” —William Shakespeare

    The Yahrzeit candle lit beside me helps me to reflect on our selected Superheroes. The candle symbolically honors the blessed memory of my mother and her favorite quote: “to thine own self be true . . .” The candle’s flickering flame is considered to resemble the soul of man as the light of God; never still and continuously striving for greatness. Each year, as we plan our Superheroes issue, I marvel as we search for another collection of tireless souls who could be labeled as a “best friend of Washington state’s most vulnerable citizens.”

    As you read the profiles of this year’s heroes, I hope you’ll agree we succeeded. Beginning with luminary Eric Liu and ending with legislator Eric Pettigrew who says, “I really, truly believe that every single child should have the opportunity to dream and be the very best they can be,” this year’s group is nothing short of inspiring. I rejoice in clearing all of the furniture out of our family room to make room for award-winning photographer Will Austin. He magically captures the unanticipated synergy and friendships of these seemingly disconnected heroes who somehow always end up being on a first-name basis. Their Superhero common thread: striving for greatness as advocates for children and families.

    Earth Day cupcakeGreatness was recently bestowed upon ParentMap in the form of 30 awards presented for excellence in editorial, design and website at the Parenting Publications of America conference, with hundreds of participants from the U.S., Canada, Australia and South Africa. We can’t help but shout out managing editor Kristen Russell Dobson and art director Emily Johnson for their tireless work, creativity and leadership. I guess we’re not just getting older (Happy 7th to us this month!), we seem to be getting better!

    “Sexy Too Soon? Body Image, Media and Self-esteem” is the Pathways event not to miss! Goody bags and food await you on April 14 as we debate how popular culture bombards our children with sexy images, clothing, toys, Web sites, downloadable music and TV shows — and what parents can do about it. See you there!

    Happy Earth Day!

    — Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

    Next month: Our free BabyMap Event: Balancing Baby + Work + Family

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