ParentMap, April 2011 issue

Published on: March 28, 2011

April 2011 ParentMap Issue 

Meet our 2011 superheroes!

We are so excited to share this year's 11 Superheroes for Washington families! From the It Gets Better Project's Dan Savage to mother and daugther duo Sebrena and Rena Mateja Burr of Wellspring Family Services, you'll find plenty of inspiration from these local superstars.

For the new mom, April brings the first story in our three-part breastfeeding series, "When breastfeeding sucks." And if you've got a preschooler who stutters, be sure to check out our tips on how and when to get help.

Do you know your teen's online passwords? Do you think you should? This month we also discuss the pros and cons of online monitoring for parents.

Happy Easter -- and Earth Day!

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Getting School Ready: Help your kid catch some z's

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Feature: 2011 Superheroes for Washington families

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About this issue

Dan Savage and Alayne SulkinSuper issue
I’ll admit to one of my obvious professional weaknesses: superhero worship. I love seeking out individuals who possess extraordinary, almost superhuman powers and seeing just how those powers are put to good use.

All of ParentMap’s 11 Superheroes are selfless strangers dedicated to children and families who often live on the fine line between hope and despair. These master agents of change make life better for some of our state’s most challenged.

The illustrious 2011 list is led by “fast fingers” Dan Savage, who livened up our photo shoot by breaking the bra-unhooking world record. (I was the unsuspecting, giddy victim!) Savage, compelled by the horrific suicides last fall of several LGBT youth, launched the It Gets Better Project. El Centro de La Raza co-founders Estela Ortega and Roberto Maestes, Ortega’s late husband, blazed a trail for the Latino community by creating powerful alliances. Outrageous fun and audacious work is the product of mother-daughter power duo Sebrena and Rena Mateja Burr (age 7). Our youngest hero to date helped launch Kids Helping Kids Wellspring campaign, raising $506 by going door-to-door and collecting lots of coins! Rena Mateja is legendary!

Rena Mateja, firecracker that she is, would not let you read one more word without signing up at! Why? ParentMap Honey, sweet deals for a good cause, benefits her passion, Wellspring Family Services. You’ll get a great deal on food at Julia’s, or perhaps a Yuen Lui photo shoot, and we’ll donate 5 percent to Wellspring.

We are always grateful to Will Austin, our own longtime photographer and friend, for his elegant photos that capture the essence of the superheroes who glow on the pages of this issue.

—Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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