ParentMap, January 2010 Issue

Published on: January 02, 2010

January cover

Little weirdos.

Ever been mystified by your child's behavior? Little diva won't leave the house without her tiara? Little slugger wears his baseball mitt to bed?

Why so many girly-girls and all-boys? In this month's feature, we look at the latest in the nature vs. nurture debate.

We also go completely dental this issue! Got a little dentist-phobe? Help is here. Is somebody drooly and fussy? Check out Teething 101.

Hello, 2010! Please bring peace and joy and success to all of our beloved ParentMap readers!

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Ages & Stages: Fun and games!

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    Feature: Pink Brain, Blue Brain: What's nature and what's nurture?

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    Q&A with "Happiest Baby" doc Harvey

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      About this issue

      Outta the pink!

      I tossed the tights and hosiery the moment I decided to leave the lawyer life last century. Who in their right mind would choose to be enveloped in nylon tights? When baby girl no. 1 was preschool bound, our daily battle was over her insistence on wearing pink tights (“Pink brain, blue brain”). I longed for the day that she would choose blue jeans! After three years of pink-tights-tug-of-war, I gave up. Where do girls’ pink obsession and seemingly innate love of Barbie come from? Camper Cain & the crew at Deception PassThere is cause for pause when you read Kristen Russell Dobson’s discussion of nature vs. nurture and how we so heavily influence our children.

      Influence is exactly what I accepted from my cousin Matt a few months ago when he challenged my too-urban family to go camping (“Rustic multi-family getaways”). This playful artist, author, musician, and master of his own quick-witted poetic language takes “just do it” to a new level! So early last fall, we headed to Deception Pass for an outrageous, laughter-filled adventure. I took away memories of music around the campfire, and a new nickname — “Camper Cain” — which I earned for breaking one of the golden rules of hiking by abandoning an agreed-upon plan to meet up. I want my vindication! I am challenging Matt and the “Camper Cain” name-calling crowd to Puffer Butte and Wohelo this winter! Takers?

      Tickets go on sale this month for our 2010 lecture series; book early for sure-fire sellout events: “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child” (Dr. John Gottman), Mindset author Dr. Carol Dweck, and more. Our Preschool preview nights kick off this month on January 7!

      You’ll read much more in the months ahead about ParentMap’s 2010 Giving Together partners: Committee for Children lead by Joan Duffel, and Thrive by Five lead by Nina Auerbach. We hope along the way you will gain greater awareness and appreciation for these organizations and the amazing work they do, changing the lives of so many local families.

      Wishing you and yours peace and prosperity in 2010. 

      — Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor


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