ParentMap, June 2012

Published on: May 20, 2012

June 2012 ParentMap Issue


The weather's getting warmer and we've got trains on the brain -- train vacations with kids, that is! If you've been thinking about hopping on board for a weekend summer getaway, don't miss out on our great train-travel tips, along with neat ideas for where to hop on and off for a family summer jaunt.

Ever wished that parenting could be just a bit more equal? This month, we take a longer look at a parenting style that is quickly becoming popular among modern parents -- shared parenting. You truly can "halve" it all!

Also, if you're a father-to-be, you're sure to get a kick out of this month's article on male nesting... We've uncovered your secrets, Dad -- males do it too!

Happy Father's Day from our family to yours!

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Ages & Stages:
0-2 Male nesting: How expecting fathers prepare for baby
3-6 5 common phrases parents should avoid
7-11 Keeping kids safe: When coaches prey on young kids
13-18 Sidelined by summer sports: Injuries that keep kids benched

Out & About: The Northwest's great train vacations

Someone you should know: Chris Ballew, Caspar Babypants

Feature: Shared parenting: Why modern families are choosing equality

Giving Together
Green Bites
Mind + Body

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About this issue

Conversing with Caspar

Play Jeopardy! with me.

Name a famous Seattle dad who “loves quantum theory and how it relates to brain function and perception” and who is also excited to try eating bugs.

 Hint: It’s not a University of Washington I-LABS brain researcher.

This month’s “Someone you should know” is the wildly popular music-making dad, Caspar Babypants, AKA Chris Ballew, formerly with the band The Presidents of the United States of America. Caspar Babypants is one of the Seattle music artists who contributed to ParentMap’s first-ever Seattle kindie compilation, Shake It Up! Shake It Off! — Tunes to build a happy head and healthy heart.

We’re proud that Shake It Up! Shake It Off! benefits local non-profits*, and features other award-winning, nationally recognized music artists The Not-Its!, Recess Monkey, Johnny Bregar, The Harmonica Pocket and The Board of Education.

We know you’ll enjoy Ballew’s gently offered parenting insights, wisdom and humor. It’s clear that becoming a father has transformed his perspective on life — and brought him great joy.

Maintaining that joy is challenging for young parents as they transition into their new roles as moms and dads. Rarely do we receive expert training for this, our most important job. “Shared parenting: viable or pie-in-the-sky?” explores ESP (equally shared parenting, that is!). Few of us were “raised by parents who shared work equally.”

Halving it all” may take several generations for this trend to become the norm. Myriad studies cite substantial positives for children when dads actively participate in childcare, from increased cognitive function to less rebellion as teens. It was heart-warming to read about one dad who sets a strong ESP example, hoping to influence his daughter’s future choice in a romantic relationship.

I romanced the idea of a greener and less expensive means of summer travel by train, daydreaming about the landscapes described in Elisa Murray’s “All aboard! The Northwest’s great train vacations”. I’ll report back if I can influence my rowdy brood to take in pastoral landscapes on a trip that’s less about where we land and more about the journey we take together.

Happy Father’s Day!


*When purchased at, you may select one of the following to receive a $3 donation per CD: Ashoka, Camp Fire USA, Committee for Children, Community of Mindful Parents, It Gets Better Project, Northwest Jump Rope for Heart, Outdoors for All, Playgarden, Roots of Empathy, Seeds of Empathy, Washington Green Schools or Wellspring Family Services.

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