ParentMap, May 2011 issue

Published on: April 21, 2011

May 2011 ParentMap Issue 

Touching vs. touch screens

We can't help but wonder, how is technology reshaping our relationships? Are we more inclined to stay connected through touch screens rather than in our community? Or has Facebook become our new community?

Got a tot that goes gaga for Silly Bandz? You'll most definitely appreciate our article on new kids' crazes and fads. Oh, kids these days!

And if you're planning a family garden this year, be sure to check out our excellent tips on gardening with your kids. What to plant, good ground rules for wiggly preschoolers and much more!

Looking to make a weekend out of Mother's Day fun? Learn more about the fabulous, family-friendly Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum! Whether you relax by the pool or go for a family horseback riding lesson, there's truly something for everyone.

And most importantly, Happy Mother's Day!

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Getting School Ready: Your child's school and home personas

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Feature: How technology is shaping our relationships

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Alayne Sulkin with new puppy BaileyAbout this issue

Puppy love!
My husband was the middle-of-the-night-guy, always getting our crying babies. I proudly sleep like a rock. Amazing technology affects nearly every aspect of family life; groceries that can be ordered at 1 a.m. only to show up by 7 a.m., in time to make that delectable lunch that earns us supermom status. Family calendars sync our crazy lives as we world travel, all at the same time. But sadly, no digital cures for nocturnal weeping little ones yet.

Living under (cyber) cover” reflects a variety of ways moms love (and hate) what technology is doing to their relationships. “They’ve got too much Facebook, too little face time. Aren’t today’s mothers feeling just a tiny bit . . . lonesome?”

It may not be exactly the deep and meaningful relationship you were hoping for, but here are words I never thought I would say: Go get a puppy!

Enter Bailey Farfel Sulkin — our certifiably adorable late-in-family life labradoodle puppy for our later-in-life child. Test this: Stand in front of Starbucks holding a rosy cheeked cherub human baby — people will simply walk by. Puppy in arms, I guarantee you’ll be swarmed!

Neither my husband nor I were raised having dogs and I was sure we would be the rare American family memorialized in the Smithsonian on two counts: No Sulkin child played soccer and we had no dog. Now, I am the defender of Bailey for every trainer error (that’s us) that causes a puppy mishap — as well as the night shift support for Bailey.

The only technology in this adventure was our 9-year-old googling “cutest labradoodle puppy ever.” One week into it, I am searching words like: housebreaking rules, excessive chewing and canine academies.

But this puppy has already brought immeasurable happiness our way. Happiness comes this Mother’s Day in the form of John Gottman’s ever popular “Making Marriage Work” lecture — we never miss it! Christine Carter, sociologist and happiness expert from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, speaks on her recently released book, Raising Happiness, 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents. And don’t miss our special BabyMap issue inside.

Happy Mother’s Day!

—Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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