ParentMap, October 2011 Issue

Published on: September 27, 2011

October 2011 ParentMap Issue

Some may think that kids have it easy when it comes to making choices -- choosing between favorite colors, which flavor of ice cream to pick -- but the truth is, decision making is a key life skill. This month we take a look at how parents can raise good decision makers, and the benefits from those choices that can follow your kids for life.

And if you think you might have a child star on your hands, don't miss this month's article on how to keep kids grounded as they reach for the stars. (With tips from local child stars included!)

Also, it's fall -- which means it's time to get out with the fam and go on an apple picking adventure! We've got the scoop on local farms that offer apple picking by the bushel and how to turn those apples into homemade applesauce with the kiddos.

We hope your family has a safe and happy Halloween! Check out this month's Green Bites for tips on turning all of that candy into easy home science experiments.

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Ages & Stages:
0-2 Dr. Harvey Karp on raising a happy toddler
3-5 International adoption: How healthy are the kids?
6-10 Is your child a star?
11-18 Building secure attachment

Out & About: Apple picking and homemade applesauce

Getting School Ready: Learning disabilities: How to advocate for your child

    Feature: Helping kids learn to make decisions

    LearningMap: LearningMap 2011 is here!

    This month's Postings
    Mind + Body
    Giving Together
    Green Bites

    Alayne Sulkin with new puppy BaileyAbout this issue

    A decision, finally!
    I am a decisive person who rarely struggles with issues save one: exercise. I have juggled day–to–day whether or not to exercise for my entire adult life. Our feature (Decisions: Teaching the art of choosing wisely) offers sage advice that I will officially embrace, helping me resolve and model decision processing.

    Modeling, as always, is key!

    Mentally fatigued by this daily dilemma that has failed to get me moving, I adopted a decade approach, decades ago. I managed to forgo continuous exercise in my 20’s, rationalizing I would get to it in my 30’s or 40’s, and now I am well into my 50’s. Think of the sweet relief I delivered to myself for years on end. Those decades were lightly peppered with moments of yoga and running in August during family vacations in the Midwest flatlands.

    This August I finally made a decision.

    Clearly, I have insufficient willpower (I am a slow learner, OK?) to make the right choice on this issue.

    I took that sage advice every trainer or friend would give: Calendar the appointment and keep it.

    The result: an oft-blessed, yet occasionally cursed daily run. I believe in decision making expert Professor Barry Schwartz’ “good enough” approach for exercise decisions while saving “best” for more serious modeling of character and integrity. So sometimes the run is short, involves walking, or maybe the new puppy pulling me along a bit, but I’m doing it as the cold fall winds pick up!

    The fall holidays offer brisk outdoor fun; consider joining our family in starting a new tradition. "Apple project" irresistibly suggests a house filled with the sent of cinnamon, and sweet memories that appear essential to experience.

    Ages and stages hits the mark with outstanding coverage of innumerable issues: raising a happy toddler, international adoption, child stardom and secure attachment with tweens/teens. Once you have the applesauce made and have gone on that run, just kick your heels up, relax and read.


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