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The best irreverent podcasts for parents

Published on: July 02, 2014

Combing through the vast array of parenting podcasts out there can be as overwhelming as parenting itself. To help ease the pain — and to save busy moms and dads some precious time — we’ve put together a list of our faves. Whether you want to be intellectually stimulated, hear the latest parenting news, feel less alone or just laugh, we have the right podcast for you.


Totally Mommy

Comedian Elizabeth Laime, creator of the popular podcasts Totally Laime and Totally Married, added Totally Mommy to her arsenal while expecting her first child in early 2014. Now the mother of a baby girl, Laime interviews a different celebrity or parenting expert each Wednesday about life in the motherhood trenches. Nothing is off-limits in this show — getting back in the sack after childbirth, kids pooping in the bathtub — and the results are hilarious. Totally Mommy is great for a laugh, plus a peek into the worlds of some famous moms.


Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Slate magazine editors and parents Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois open each episode of their bimonthly-ish podcast, Mom and Dad Are Fighting, by confessing their own parenting triumphs and failures — something all of us can relate to! They talk about their own kids, as well as review and debate the latest parenting trends and news. This show is more cerebral, ideal for when you want a little chitchat and something that makes you think.


For Crying Out Loud

Hosted by TV executive Lynette Carolla (wife of comedian Adam Carolla) and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor (author of Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay), this show can’t help but be funny. Carolla and Wilder-Taylor, both mothers of twins, talk about everything from wrangling kids to reality TV shows, and their guests include Hollywood personalities and interesting friends. Adam even drops by occasionally, along with some of his favorite cohorts, such as Dr. Drew and David Alan Grier. For Crying Out Loud is updated weekly.


The Longest Shortest Time

The newborn period is brief, but when you’re in the middle of diaper changes, frequent feedings and sleep deprivation, it can feel endless. Mom, writer and radio producer Hillary Frank bills her podcast, The Longest Shortest Time, as “a 3 a.m. bedside companion.” Episodes last 15–20 minutes and are aimed at new parents, whom Frank interviews about everything from labor and delivery to breastfeeding. Her overriding message is that you are not alone — and her voice is warm and soothing, perfect for those drowsy middle-of-the-night moments.



This entertaining weekly podcast is hosted by a former “shock jock” from New Zealand, Mark Staufer, and stand-up comedian Brian Erwin, two stay-at-home-dads. They cover all the bases you can imagine — how kids vomit (covert versus full exposition), for instance, or the finer points of playground politics — and offer examples from their own lives. Staufer and Erwin also interview experts, bloggers and authors about serious topics such as childhood obesity and cyberbullying. Dadsaster is equally enjoyable for moms and dads, both of whom will be nodding their heads while laughing out loud at this refreshingly honest show.


Manic Mommies!

These gals are pros, having produced more than 250 episodes of their wildly popular podcast, Manic Mommies! Erin Kane and Kristin Brandt are two moms trying to do it all — and, as they state on their website, do it all well (or at least well enough). On their weekly hour-long show, Kane and Brandt chat about the craziness of balancing work, marriage, parenting and housework, as well as interview experts and authors. Listening to Manic Mommies! feels like commiserating with girlfriends over a cup of coffee — it’s the perfect soundtrack for folding laundry or commuting.

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