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Road Trip Tips: Readers Share on Keeping Kids Entertained

Published on: July 02, 2013

Grandparents and kids"Are we there yet?" One of the biggest challenges about road trips is how to keep fledgling travelers entertained.

So we asked our Facebook fans to share their top road trip tips. Please add your wisdom in comments below!

Shared on social: How do you keep young kids entertained on road trips?

- Color Wonder. – Kiera S.

- A cookie sheet with paper and crayons - for coloring. Or you can get plastic lap desks at Michael's Craft Store for ~$7 that have handy side pockets. – Dana P.

- We use Pandora in the car often [with the] station: Walt Disney (Children). I make it a game between my boys and me: Who can be the first to name the movie that the song came from? – Nicole S.

- Magnadoodles are great and won't keep falling on the ground. – Gina D.

- On our last 1,600 mile trip I made a five-hour playlist with all of our family faves, plus a bunch of songs from my past I wanted to introduce. Can I tell you how fun it is to hear my son sing The Kinks’ "Destoyer" now? – Karla S.

- Cheerios in baggies with lengths of yarn to string and eat (tape the ends with masking tape to make it easier to string). - DucksdayUSA

- My almost two-year-old loves trucks which is great for road trips. Every time we pass a different kind of truck, he hurries to find the same one in his truck board book. Kind of like a version of toddler highway bingo. – Sarah J.

- Audiobooks - particularly chapter books. The Magic Tree House series is wonderful. – Julie L.

- Lots of books, coloring supplies, workbooks for math, reading, etc. (boy LOVES these!) fun music from all genres, a variety of snacks, a camera for the boy, travel games like Connect 4, checkers, etc. – Courtney C.

- Small Doodle-Pad, singing songs, snacks, books, small toys, and iPhone and lollipops when all else fails -- plus road stops. – Ann D.

- Stickers and magnet boards. Singing, and snacks. Also, crushed ice keeps toddlers happy. But it gets a little wet!Queenie Sunshine


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