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Readers Share: "What Do You Do with Excess Halloween Candy?"

Published on: December 30, 2013

halloween-candy-31Halloween provides ample opportunities for fun, with the chance to photograph adorable kids decked out in their costumes, the excitement of trick-or-treating and plenty of fun outings and activities. It can also create an excess of sugary treats that last long after the festivities are over. We asked ParentMap Readers what they do with their child's excess Halloween candy, and got some inspired ideas for getting rid of the sugar.

"What do you do with your child's excess Halloween Candy?"

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We ration candy slowly, and had Halloween candy through most of the summer! —Windy W.

The kids get a free pass to eat what they want on Halloween, but the next day we gather all of our candy up and leave it on the back porch, where the "Halloween Troll" takes it away and leaves a small gift (usually from the dollar store). —Rory G.

I don't let my kids get that much to begin with, then it's in the cupboard with one piece a day rule. The stuff they won't eat goes to work with me, high school kids love it. — TerriAnn S.

I eat it. — Beth S.

I used to chop it all up and put it in cookie dough. — Amy C.

We eat the favorites and the rest goes into a bag in the freezer and we use it when we decorate Gingerbread Houses (kids like the decorating but don't eat the houses so old candy doesn't matter) —Megan T.

Halloween night our kids eat a lot, then they get to pick 20 pieces and the rest goes to their dentist, who buys it for $1 per pound! —Susanne D.

We send the excess to work with husband. —Courtney C. candy-corn

They eat just a few pieces that night, then hang their bags on their doors. The Halloween Fairy takes the candy and leaves a book and/or a small toy(s). My kids love it! —Kristin B.

My daughter's birthday is at the end of the month so we use all the candy for the piñata. —Gabriela S.

Grandkids pick out favorites rest is sent to soldiers overseas with notes and pictures from the kids. —Mary L.''

We save the candy for them to pack up when we go to the movies. We also make homemade ice cream and I add candy to that, or I use plain ice cream and mix in their choice of candy like they do at Cold Stone Creamery. —Sharon G.

We let our child have a bunch on Halloween, then only one piece after dinner after that indefinitely. (She usually forgets it's there by the second night, then remembers again months later!) We try to limit the quantity coming into the house in the first place by only trick-or-treating our street on our block. —Jenny T.

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