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Fantastic Retreats and Getaways for Seattle-Area Moms

From yoga to glamping to woodworking, great escapes for Northwest moms

Published on: March 03, 2020

Glamp at Girl Scouts' Camp River Ranch. Credit: Dorothee Brand/Belathée Photography

Getting away with your girlfriends

Since becoming a mom, I’ve run away from home on a regular basis to recharge at retreats, art workshops and gatherings with friends. These regular time-outs have been critical to my well-being.

Tacoma mom Liz Lamoreux agrees that moms need time away to nurture themselves and renew interests and friendships. A teacher, author and artist, she runs creative retreats for women. Check her website for upcoming options.

“When moms take time to really listen to what they need and nurture themselves like they nurture their loved ones, they can create more space for joy, for connection and for love in their lives,” she says.

Don't wait! If you are ready for your own time-out, here are some great escapes around the Northwest in beautiful locations, including some “do it yourself” retreat options for you and your friends.

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