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Fantastic Retreats and Getaways for Seattle-Area Moms

From yoga to glamping to woodworking, great escapes for Northwest moms

Published on: March 03, 2020

Fantastic Retreats and Getaways for Seattle-Area Moms


Do-it-yourself mom retreats and girlfriend getaways

Not excited by learning a new skill or just want to recharge by hanging out with some of your close friends? Create a do-it-yourself mom retreat. I spend a weekend each year with old friends who are also moms in a rented house or a couple of larger hotel suites. We cook for each other, watch our favorite movies, play board games, hike, shop and swap our favorite books.

There are lots of options for small groups of friends who want to hang out together. You can rent a charming officer’s house at Fort Worden, rent a house on or near the beach in Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast through Beachcomber Vacation Homes, or stay near Mount Rainier at Copper Creek Lodge, which sleeps up to 12 guests. Or rent a house at Suncadia, where you and your friends can schedule some pampering at the resort’s spa and enjoy the fitness center and indoor pool.

Fun things to do on your Northwest mom retreat

  • Book exchange. Each mom brings a few books she loved and has finished reading to exchange for some new ones.
  • Power card crafting. Bring a pack of blank cards and envelopes and your art supplies and work on a batch of handmade birthday or holiday cards.
  • Yarn bomb. Bring your current knitting project.
  • Film festival. Each friend brings her favorite DVD with themed snack to share.
  • Board games. Bring your favorite board game to play together.
  • Interview each other. Everyone brings one question for the list — i.e. what is your favorite childhood memory? Capture each session on video if you like.
  • Take an online art class. Many artists, including Carla Sonheim, author of “Drawing Lab," and Dawn DeVries Sokol, author of “A World of Artist Journal Pages,” offer excellent online classes you can take from anywhere with internet access.
  • Enjoy an outdoor adventure together. Plan a hike or rent some kayaks or bikes.
  • Share a skill. Each friend brings a new skill to share that the group will enjoy learning. Anything from to how to fix a flat on your bike to how to make pie crust.

Editor's note: This article was originally published a few years ago and updated most recently in March 2020.

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