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Should you let your child win?p

Give him heck, Grandpa!

It's the burning question of the week: Is it OK - or even advisable - to let you kids win at games and sports? Lotsa moms do it - and lotsa moms say, "no way!"

"I would not let a child win constantly,"says one mom-blogger, "but I would also not play a game of skill against a child who stood a high chance of losing." Reporter Katie Amodei can relate: "I realize that’s exactly what my family is doing when we’re pitting our adult and 8-year-old’s skills against a 5-year-old’s. He’s bound to lose every time."

On the other hand: “I would never let my kids win,” says Monica Alverez, a Kenmore mother of three girls. “They need to learn that there is going to be a winner and there is going to be a loser, and when they’re the loser I want them to have good sportsmanship, because you need to learn that in life.”

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