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Smart With Art: Cool Cat Lesson

Try this home art project, which pairs a tiny art lesson with a big-fun project, with your little one!

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to your child creating art at home? Let’s make it simple and fun as well! Here is a lesson from the Smart with Art curriculum, based on artist Laurel Burch and her cat paintings, plus some ideas on how to designate a creative environment.

Cool Cats

Kids will love this Smart with Art lesson on recreating one of Laurel Burch's cat designs with cool colors on black paper, focusing on lines and patterns. This project is easy to do at home and allows you to introduce your child to art history, art concepts and a new medium!

• Oil pastels (available at local craft stores, Crayola or Pentel brands are recommended)
• Black 9x12 construction paper
• Crayola Construction Paper Crayons (optional)
• Pencil and eraser

Laurel Burch (1945-2007) was an American artist, designer and businesswoman. She painted and created jewelry while working various jobs in San Francisco. She traveled and many of her designs were purchased and created into jewelry in China. With investors, she began mass producing her art pieces and her creations were distributed worldwide. Laura was a self-taught painter. She had a series of cat designs that became popular around the world.

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