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Get Creative: Sidewalk Chalk and Paint Art Projects Kids Will Love

It's not just a kid's thing; this versatile artist's tool will make homespun magic!


Published on: August 05, 2014

Sidewalk art is a fun and creative way to make art and be outside. Summer, weekends and school breaks are great times for children to be able to build critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques, while doing something fun and engaging like making art. As kids get bored, as they often claim to do, here are some exciting ways to engage in the arts in an outdoor environment. You, too, can get on your knees and join in the fun!


Made for chalkin'

Many companies make sidewalk chalk products. I have found the best color coverage to be with Crayola products. Crayola’s products are non-toxic, easy to wash off an outdoor surface and created for children. Here are a few great ones. 

These products are available at most major retailers as well as online. In addition to the old-school colored chalk, there are products that are new and innovative as well.

Doeth as the street artists do

You can experiment with what street artists use for creating outdoor art murals; here is another great product, Street Stix by Jack Richeson, still at a reasonable cost. There are several online retailers that carry this product line: Sticks range from $3 and up per stick. This product is a bit harder to wash off an outdoor surface, but coverage will be opaque, and blending colors works well. Doeth as the street artists do


Get inspired!

As the founder of Smart with Art, I have the privilege of working alongside 40 fabulous art educators. Marcia Nobuyama is a graphic street artist, henna designer and art specialist. She is also an art and party instructor for Smart with Art. I was amazed when I saw her recently post these images on Facebook and asked if I could share.


Fight boredom

I shared Marcia Nobuyama's images with my daughter and her friend when, on the first day of summer break, they claimed to be “bored.” They were very inspired and went to work. They spent about one hour working outdoors and were totally focused!


Make sidewalk paint

Want to save money and create your own materials? You can mix up a batch of sidewalk paint with items you may have at home. Here is a great recipe for sidewalk paint that will inspire the young and old.

Homemade sidewalk paint

  • ½ cup of water
  • ½ cup of cornstarch
  • Approximately 12 drops of food coloring — this can be adjusted to achieve desired color
  • Jar with a lid
  • Paint brushes, foam brushes or sponges

Mix all ingedients into a sealed jar and shake well. You can make several colors this way, using individual jars.

If the paint appears dry, add a few more drops of water.

Image credits: Burgh Baby

Be a part of the art

Be sure to strike a pose and take a picture for this interactive art experience! You can set up all kinds of trompe d'oeil scenes. Think holiday cards and wall art!

Image credit: Left, Designed Decor

Create an interactive human-scale game board

Checkers or Twister are a few ideas! Use paper plates for the pieces. These would work well for birthday party games!

Photo credit: Left, Motherhood on a Dime; Right, Mama Smiles

Design your dream home

Create a fun neighborhood with friends, all with chalk! You can make a cars track, and a village scene for Legos or other tiny toys — anything the kiddos can dream up.


Have fun!

Have fun with chalk. This is a great way to involve many people into one art activity! Be creative — we would love to see what you create with sidewalk chalk. Send your pics to and we will post on our Smart with Art Facebook page to share with our friends!

More fun art ideas:



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