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Family-Friendly Music Festivals

Outdoor music and nature fests you and your kids will love

Published on: April 27, 2023

Family-Friendly Music Festivals

Young child sitting on dad's shoulders at a seattle music festival in the summer

Bumbershoot Arts & Music Festival, Seattle Center

Dates: Sep. 2–3

Cost: Kids 10 and younger free; single-day pass, $65; weekend pass, $110

In the past, generations of Seattleites bookended summer with Folklife and Bumbershoot. But in recent years, Bumbershoot priced out too many families as it chased Coachella-like homogeneity. Now Bumbershoot is back for its 50th iteration, with more-affordable tickets and a lineup that emphasizes local favorites, including Sleater-Kinney and Sunny Day Real Estate. It’s not just hometown heroes, though. There are also international acts like Bomba Estéreo and new artists like Uncle Waffles. Besides music, there will “free-range artists” performing dance, wrestling (!) and roller-skating demos, and even nail art.

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