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Teaching kids to challenge authority

When is it OK - no, make that important - for our kids to challenge authority? That means standing up to an adult, a teacher, or a friend. Someone in power, someone telling them what to do.

Many of us cringe at the idea. "My child? I have enough trouble getting him to listen and not sass back!"

But the truth is, we want our kids to ask questions. To think critically. To be able to challenge the "Queen Bee" in a social group, or say "no" to an adult who poses a safety threat. We want students to be able to say to a teacher, "I'm not sure I agree with the point you just made."

What don't we want? Kids who blindly follow the pack and say little or nothing in the face of injustice, racism or bullying.

Joyce Taylor and I discussed this topic on today's Parent-to-Parent on KING TV. Take a look.

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