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11 Tech Tools That Enhance Learning in the Classroom

Devices, software, applications and other tech tools that assist student learning and collaboration

Rebecca Hill

Published on: August 26, 2019

tech in the classroom

Schools are implementing all sorts of devices, software, applications and other tech tools in the classroom to assist and promote student learning and collaboration. Here are a few digital tools that teachers are using to enhance and expand instructional opportunities. 


Aligned with the Common Core standards, DreamBox is an adaptive online K–8 math program that assesses and advances students’ math learning.

Raz-Kids Reading A–Z  

Raz-Kids Reading A–Z delivers hundreds of interactive electronic book titles that all students in a classroom can read simultaneously but at individualized levels of reading difficulty.


The Nearpod platform gives teachers access to thousands of free or paid lessons that can be downloaded and customized. The platform also allows teachers to interact dynamically with students through data and real-time feedback.  Nearpod VR offers over 450 immersive virtual-reality field trips and adventures to help bring the world into the classroom.


Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform through which teachers and students create and share fun, interactive questionnaires and quizzes.  It can be used to gather data for graphing assignments, and for research and classroom feedback.  

Microsoft OneNote

Teachers are using OneNote to organize lesson plans and homework in searchable digital notebooks and individual workspaces that facilitate the teacher’s support of each student as well as enable collaboration between students.


Classcraft has embraced the idea that students learn best through play. Using the Classcraft app, teachers customize and launch self-paced learning adventures. Students work toward the learning objectives independently or in teams and can advance to higher levels as they progress through the quests.  

Science360 video library

Teachers can augment their STEM curriculum with Science360’s stockpile of the latest science videos provided by scientists, colleges and universities, science and engineering centers, the National Science Foundation and other sources. This cutting-edge video content is free to access and embed.


Kidblog makes writing fun by letting kids publish journal entries in a teacher-moderated, nonpublic environment. Students can augment their blogs with photos, videos and audio content.  


This social learning platform enables students to create, share, watch and comment on short videos based on teacher-provided topics and prompts.

Book Creator

Book Creator is a simple tool that lets students create, publish and share digital books and reports. Students can customize fonts; add shapes, stickers and hyperlinks; and embed video and audio files.  


NewseumEd houses a collection of primary source materials, digital artifacts, interactive features, virtual classes and standards-aligned lesson plans that teachers can use to teach history, civics and media literacy skills.

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