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The 5 Stages of a Relationship and How to Keep Yours Strong

Making love last and keeping your marriage strong is hard work, especially when you add parenting into the mix. Learn how to get to the next stage.

Stages of a relationship

Every couple wonders why some relationships fall apart while others last. Why did the couple across the street seem so in love last year, but now there’s a moving van out front, headed for a new bachelor pad? Why, as we and our children get older, do the couples around us seem to start falling like dominoes?

Will our own relationships stand the test of time?

If you are aware of the predictable stages that love relationships go through, you may be better prepared to evolve yours as time passes. To stay happy, it is important that partners grow together and hopefully become stronger with time.  

What stage are you in, and how can knowing this help you? Read on to find out (and for tips on how to help a stale relationship).

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