Election 2012: The Family Vote

Published on: October 14, 2012

Election 2012

The Family Vote 2012

October, 2012 - ParentMap newsmagazineAs an election approaches it seems like, especially in this highly digital age, information is flying at us from all directions. The pundits do their thing, those on either  side of the aisle stay there, getting more entrenched than ever before, and sometimes the issues that truly matter to families are shoved aside for those that seem sexier, simpler or potentially more vote-getting.

Our October print cover story will guide you through several of the major issues that affect families and kids: The economy and jobs; education and education funding; social issues like recreational marijuana and marriage equality. Check out our Voting Guide for families to get situated on the issues.

Then stay up-to-date on election views, news and ideas with our regularly updated blog posts and featured content below. Get ready for the debates and Election Night parties with amazing patriotic treats, get your kids involved, and have some serious civic-minded fun!

The Family That Marches Together Stays Together

Kid at Occupy protest

How Building an Active Citizen Starts at Home (Or at a Rally)

Have you ever seen those people at rallies or protests, waving their homemade signs, shouting at the top of their lungs and ... bouncing their baby up and down in a baby carrier?  Many of us could never imagine hauling our tired, hungry, easily bored brood to the state capitol or door-belling for a political campaign. But some parents do just that, and they say the lessons for their children in becoming politically aware at a young age are huge.

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Guide to Election and Civics-Themed Books for Kids

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Books on Elections, Democracy and Political Heroes for All Ages

Are your kids wondering why their favorite toy commercials have been replaced by talking heads? Do they ask you if they live in a red or a blue state? Or maybe they are already running for class president? No matter where your child is on the political spectrum — from left to right, confused to savvy, from young to even younger, here are some of the best books to get them even more interested in the 2012 campaigns. When you've turned the last page, we give you ideas about how to continue the conversation with your kids.

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V Is for Vote: Opinions, News and Views to Help You Decide

McKenna and Inslee

Two Guys You Should Know

Rob Mckenna and Jay Inslee are running for Washington State Governor in what's been called one of the most exciting gubernatorial races in the nation. We asked questions; get to know them.

Meet Inslee           Meet McKenna

Michelle Obama

A Look Back

Our 2007 interview with Michelle Obama about work, mothering and the White House.

Vote Smart

Views: Education Issues

No on I-1240 (Charter Schools)

Yes on I-1240 (Charter Schools)

Why You Should Care, League of Education Voters

Yes on I-1240 LEV

Postsecondary Education: WA Still Has a Long Way to Go 

Woman choice

More Op-Eds

Equality Not Created in a Vacuum

The Election, the Environment, and our Families


Watching Those Debates? Ready for Election Night? Stuff You'll Need!

Vote Pops

Patriotic Treats That Will Grab Even the Smallest Citizen's Attention

Every contest needs a winner, and every celebration needs food, right? Check out what might possibly be the country's cutest collection of inspiring, patriotic-themed snacks and treats to help make election season yummy!

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 American girl

 Teaching Children About Politics: Websites, Books, and Resources

Ever wonder what they should know, and when? Does your 5-year-old know who's president? Should she? This guide helps you figure out what your kids should know about their democracy and lists some great resources to get them excited about learning.

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