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Toy story

Published on: December 30, 2013

So, I'm chewing on my rubber ducky, hoping to get my daily dose of lead, when I see the latest development in the toxic toy saga cross the wire. Sick of hearing about toxic toys yet? A tough new toy-safety law passed the U.S. Senate yesterday, and that could be very good news -- if it survives the next hurdle. Congress has already passed a similar law, so the hope is that they can all get along and create a compromise bill. Hope.

The law OK'd by the Senate adds bite to existing laws on toy safety -- including overseas inspections --and calls for a new public database that would track consumer complaints.

That database is a sticking point for President Bush and other critics, who worry that it will "taint manufacturers" (Hey! Better them than my kid!). But both bills passed by large enough margins that they're veto-proof.

So exciting.

But a tougher road ahead for a tough new toy law struggling through our state Senate, which at this moment appears headed for the bin. Lisa Stiffler's excellent report in the Seattle P.I. says it all.

Millions of toys recalled. Thousands of parents are watching. Hope lawmakers get this one right.

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