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Go East to Go West: 5 Western Adventures for Seattle-Area Families

Horseback riding, Old West towns and rodeos in Eastern Washington and beyond

Writer Heather Larson

Published on: March 06, 2023

Cute young girl with brown hair and a brown shirt leans her face close to the face of a small brown pony wearing a saddle

Old West family adventures await!

Lucky us, the Pacific Northwest affords families the chance to experience cowboy culture first-hand, rather than reading about it in history books or watching spaghetti westerns. After a short drive east from the Seattle area, you and your crew can meet up with wranglers, chaw on chuckwagon vittles, watch bronco busting and even saddle up for a trail ride.

Three areas in Washington state and two a little farther afield all stand out and open their arms to families who want to see, hear, smell and touch the Old West. Working ranches, outfitters, rodeos and more offer genuine quests back in time.

First up: Cle Elum (Yeehaw!)

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