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10 Things to Do With Kids Around Seattle the Last Days of Summer 2023

Great ideas to make the most of summer’s last weeks

Nancy Chaney

Published on: August 08, 2023

A girl in a pink skirt sails a pond boat on the pond at Lake Union Park among best summer activities in Seattle
Sail a pond boat at Lake Union Park.

Endless summer ...

What do you mean, last days of summer?! Don’t make me cry into my fresh-picked blueberries over here. Summer just got going, right?

It feels that way, but it’s the second week of August and I’m counting fewer than four weeks until school starts; even fewer if your district starts school before Labor Day.

But hold yer horses on sweaters and school supplies: We are still in peak Pacific Northwest summer! We’ve gathered up our best ideas here — all designed to fuel your fair-weather days, fill your fam with the joy of play and make sweet summer memories.

First up: splash time

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