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10 Things to Do With Kids Around Seattle The Last Days of Summer 2020

Sanity-saving ideas for families during our pandemic summer

Nancy Chaney

Published on: August 01, 2020

Ferry from Lincoln Park West Seattle best things to do with kids pandemic summer 2020

Our pandemic summer

Well, this is one weird summer. And we’re more than half way through it. (Yet it feels like it never began?) We’ve got one month until “school” starts. How can we make the most of August, fill our days with summer-like activities, stay safe — and sane — and continue to do our part to stop community transmission of the virus? It’s a tall order.

We've gathered up some ideas here that will hopefully fuel your August days, giving you and your kids some outings, good memories and moments of joy. All at a healthy distance from those outside your fam, of course.

Use the arrows above the image to browse through a variety of outings to try during the remaining days of our weird pandemic summer.

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