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Seattle Children's March

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Editor's note: Obviously, we can't guarantee that an event billed as peaceful or family-friendly remains that way; please use your own best judgment for the safety of your family and be sure to practice social distancing.

The Seattle Children’s March is inspired by The Birmingham Children’s Crusade march of 1963, in Birmingham, Alabama, as Seattle’s youth wanted a platform more significant than a trend. A venue to demand an end to police brutality, anti-blackness, and systemic racism in this country.

Too long, black people and black children specifically have felt the weight of white supremacy, and they refuse to accept it. The children are our future and they will be seen and heard.

This march, Sat. June 13th, from 1pm-4pm at Garfield High School Track and Field, is led by black youth and youth of color and needs resources in order for their supporting communities to show up safely and in solidarity with black and brown youth’s demands for the future of their city and for their country.

The children of Seattle envision a world where black children and black lives can live without fear of police brutality. A world where black girls from elementary to high school are allowed to express a full range of emotions without being perceived as angry or aggressive. A world where black boys are not seen as men from the moment they sprout their first facial hair. A world where gender-fluid children do not have to hide their feelings from parents or peers. The children see a hate-free world, and they will not stop until it’s a reality.

Join us on Sat. June 13th, from 1pm-4pm at Garfield High School Track and Field as we march in solidarity with our youth leadership and the power of the children.



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Event Details