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ParentMap Magazine

July 2021

We take a look at “the state of play” in Washington in this month’s “play” issue. A lack of physical activity in our kids was a major problem even before the pandemic, which only served to dramatically exacerbate the degree of play deprivation in our kids. What’s more, experts suggest that what our kids really need is the opportunity to take risks in play. And that’s where our Out + About feature comes in! We’ve rounded up some of the most jaw-dropping, challenging new destination playgrounds that have debuted so far in 2021.

We’ve also packed some great, inexpensive ideas for transforming your backyard into a kid’s paradise, so you can continuously reimagine your playing space all summer long. And this month’s Play List is remarkable not only for all the amazing opps on offer to get out and frolic as a family, but because none of them are virtual. Ready … set … play!