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2020 Every Child Summit Resources

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Every year, ParentMap hosts the Every Child Summit, providing expert research and community resources to support families of neurodiverse learners. Our 2020 event has passed, but you can still access all the great content!

Download our free ParentMap Live mobile app or visit our online platform to access all the event goodies, including our exclusive resource directory of local organizations dedicated to supporting atypical learners.

Plus, our full-length speaker session videos are available below to watch anytime!

Learning Outside the Lines with Jonathan Mooney

The future of education is in flux and equity for atypical learners has become more challenging than ever. Join us as we chat with writer and activist Jonathan Mooney about how parents and educators can adapt to meet the different learning needs of all kinds of students.

Jonathan Mooney has been a nationally recognized advocate and speaker for neurological and physical diversity for two decades, inspiring those who live with differences and calling for change. He has published three books: “The Short Bus,” “Learning Outside the Lines” and “Normal Sucks.”

SOS for Parents in the Trenches with Debbie Reber

Behind every kid who is differently wired is likely a frustrated, isolated, even burned-out adult. In this practical and actionable talk, Debbie Reber shares 10 powerful “tilts” (a.k.a. practical ideas) to help parents shift their thinking and actions in a way that will help them feel more confident and peaceful about their everyday reality, create a stronger family dynamic and give their extraordinary children what they need to thrive.

Debbie Reber is a parenting activist, New York Times-bestselling author, keynote speaker and founder of TiLT Parenting, a website, top podcast and resource for parents who are raising differently wired children.

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Getting to Calm While Pandemic Parenting with Laura Kastner, Ph.D.

Keep calm and carry on even in the midst of a pandemic. Join us as we chat with nationally recognized author and speaker Laura Kastner, Ph.D, for tips and tricks on how to keep your parenting cool — even when it feels like the world is on fire.

Dr. Laura Kastner is a clinical psychologist and professor at University of Washington who has conducted research, maintained a clinical practice and presented numerous workshops for parents. Dr. Kastner has authored and co-authored five books, including the popular title “Getting to Calm.”

COVID-19, Atypical Learners and You

A panel discussion featuring David Lewis, Psy.D., Mark Stein, Ph.D., and Howard Eaton

Online learning creates unique challenges for learners with special needs and their families. In this panel discussion, we'll chat about the unique impact of COVID-19 on atypical learners and their families, how to build partnerships between schools and families, how to address equity issues in IEP and 504 meetings, the importance of social-emotional learning during the pandemic and more. 

David Lewis, Psy.D., is the director of behavioral health services for Seattle Public Schools, a department that focuses on educational practices that align with social-emotional learning research and trauma-informed practices.

Mark Stein, Ph. D., is the director of the PEARL Clinic/ADHD and Related Disorders Program at Seattle Children’s Hospital and an investigator at Seattle Children's Research Institute. He is also a professor of psychiatry, behavioral science and pediatrics at the University of Washington.

Howard Eaton is the founder and director of Eaton Arrowsmith, which provides atypical learners of all ages with educational, life-enhancing programs.

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