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10 Kid-Approved Hanukkah Recipes

From sweet treats to the main course

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Published on: December 12, 2022

10 Kid-Approved Hanukkah Recipes

Hidden Veggie Latkes
Photo credit: PJ Library

Main courses

Hanukkah cuisine is not limited to just desserts — the theme of the oil makes for delightful savory dishes as well. Try a few of the simple, family-approved dinner courses below.

7. Hidden veggie latkes

This take on the traditional potato pancake is jam-packed with veggies. For more fun twists on latkes, check out this post.

8. Oven-fried zucchini sticks

These tasty veggies are perfect for dipping and offer a healthy take on the tradition of eating fried food during Hanukkah.

"Veggie Fried rice"
Photo credit: PJ Library

9. Veggie fried rice

10. Unfried chicken fingers

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