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10 Kid-Approved Hanukkah Recipes

From sweet treats to the main course

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Published on: December 12, 2022

10 Kid-Approved Hanukkah Recipes

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Desserts and treats

Got a sweet tooth? Enjoy recipes from PJ Library parents, staff and PJ Library's collaboration with, the kids' cooking show Nosh & Nibble:

1. Bimuelos

Hanukkah is a time for celebrating the triumph of light over darkness. The lighting of the menorah (candelabrum, also known in Hebrew as a hanukkiah) is the central mitzvah, or commandment, of the holiday. 

Another Hanukkah tradition is to eat foods fried in oil, symbolic of the oil in the ancient Temple menorah that lasted for eight days. You may already be a pro at making latkes (potato pancakes), but have you tackled bimuelosa special Sephardic fried dough treat yet?

Learn how to make these easy — and delicious — treats to share with your family. 

2. Gelt 

Nosh & Nibble's Rylee will show you how to put your own spin on a holiday classic with this DIY gelt. Get ready to leave your mark on your Hanukkah party this year.

3. Personal dessert pizzas 

Nosh & Nibble's Rylee is taking on a project that is fun— and tasty — for everyone at the Hanukkah party. She's showing us how to make personalized dessert pizzas. The topping possibilities are endless, but that won't stop her from showing us some of her faves.

4. Nutella pockets

5. Stained glass cookies

6. Sufganiyot donut holes

Next up: Main courses

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