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10 Patriotic Election Day Treats

Flag pizza, no-lie cherry pies, traditional suffrage cake, patriotic punch and more snacks to bring in the vote!

Published on: September 24, 2012

Patriotic cake pops

Sweet Reminders

These cake pops featured on Bakerella are a great inspiration for some EDG — Election Day Grub, that is. Grab your basic cake pop, get out your best red, white, and blue decorations and go gonzo! We love the voting theme of Bakerella’s batch, but why not adorn the pops with candidates’ names, outlines of states, or donkeys and elephants? Then get the family together to debate who’s pop is tops!?

Flag Pizza!

Mark the momentousness of Election Day and serve all your family's competing tastes with a fun, fragrant patriotic pizza! Gia De Laurentiis starts her easy recipe with the dough ready, so you can make your own oor buy a ball cold or frozen. Add delicious, garlicky spinach in a corner fit for the adult voters, and then pepperoni to keep the little patriots happy. Dinner? Check!


Election Day trifle

A Trifling Matter

These patriotic trifles featured over on the Unsophisticook blog are so clever, we’re already making a list of what else we could jam in those petite jars. Simply made by layering berries, homemade whipped cream, and pre-made pound cake, these are a great last-minute option for an Election Day snack attack. Head on over to the full post to see how unbelievably simple these babies really are. We vote for easy and cute every day!s

Cherry pies

No-Lie Cherry Pies

Oh Georgy and his cherry tree… These mini cherry pies would be a fun Election Day dessert, truth told. Featured over at Recipe Girl, these cuties pay delicious homage to the man who would not tell a lie when his father asked if he’d chopped down a cherry tree. What a great opportunity to teach the kiddos a fun historical story while you bake. We’d even add little GW silhouette cutouts on toothpicks as pie toppers.

Lady Baltimore suffragette cake

Did you know that cookbooks were an essential ingredient in the American suffrage movement? Women's groups created, printed and distributed cookbooks as a means of connecting with supporters and raising money for their cause. Cookbooks, published between 1886 and 1920, when the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted women the right to vote, contained recipes for oatmeal lace cookies, Emergency Salad, and trendy desserts such as Lady Baltimore Cake. Try this Saveur recipe for the traditional Southern cake made with rose water, meringue frosting, pecans, dried figs and candied orange peel. Pass the victory, please!

Bi-partisan cupcakes

Red vs. Blue

Of course we couldn’t leave little donkey- and elephant-decorated treats off of this bi-partisan list! These cupcakes featured on the DelleciousDC (a DC-area cupcake shop) serve as inspiration for our Election Day party. Let’s break it down: Mix up some simple white cupcakes and frosting, cut blue donkeys and red elephants out of thin fondant, and finish with little American flags. These cupcakes are so stately that your guests will be raving about them for the next four years!

Patriotic punch

Packing a Punch

With all the heated political debates, your guests are bound to get thirsty! This patriotic punch recipe featured at Our Best Bites is a definite head turner. An added bonus is the science lesson you can teach the kiddos when layering liquids based on sugar content. Creative Mama Sara poured fruit punch, low-calorie sports drink, and diet lemon-lime soda, and then topped off the mix with some star-shaped cubes. So smart!!

Lincoln Cake

Lincoln’s Sweets

Now here’s a cake with staying power. Story has it Mary Todd Lincoln made a vanilla almond cake while courting Honest Abe. This vintage recipe, featured over at the Bake This Cake blog, comes with a side of 25 facts about Mary’s fascinating but tragic life story. Leslie, the mastermind behind Bake This Cake, offers inspired recipes with a dash of history. Serve cakes like this one at your Election Day gathering to spark conversation!

Election Day popcorn

Political Popcorn

The excitement and drama of Election Day will get you popping up a batch of this sweet and salty popcorn featured over at Mommy’s Kitchen. Popcorn, vanilla almond bark, white chocolate chips, pretzels, and M&Ms all jumbled together will liven up any Election Day party. We love that the recipe is customizable for any holiday, really — just switch up the colors of the M&Ms and chocolate drizzle and you’ve got a quick crowd-pleasing snack. 

Presidential petit fours

Presidential Petits Fours

Okay, for all of you voted Most Likely to (Over) Achieve — this one’s for you. These delicate raspberry-lemon petits fours featured over at The Way the Cookie Crumbles are certainly fit for a President (and have the complexity in ingredients and process to prove it!). We know there are some super bakers out there who will appreciate the artistry that is the petit four. Baker Bridget’s step-by-step tutorial (along with her encouraging comments) gives us all hope for a better baking future.

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