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11 Fun + Easy Pumpkin and Halloween Crafts to Do with Your Kids

Easy-as-(pumpkin)-pie crafts for Halloween, harvest and celebrating fall

Published on: October 09, 2014

Fun and easy as pumpkin pie!

Click through to see 11 fabulous pumpkin-themed crafts your kids will love. 

Halloween Glo

Club Chica Circle has the perfect idea for a spooky surprise this Halloween.

To get started, you’ll need glow-in-the-dark paint, fabric paint and a pumpkin. Let your little one draw on a spooky design or word with a pencil and outline it with glow in the dark dots. Your kids will have a blast filling in the rest of the pumpkin with colorful spots. Make sure to check out the full post for a walk-through and excellent tips for maximum glo!


Snail Jack O’Lantern

This adorably creative snail Jack O’Lantern from Alpha Mom uses two different kinds of gourds to make a festively fun garden decoration.

Your kids will love getting their hands dirty scooping out the pumpkin seeds to construct the snail’s shell. A butternut squash is a crafty stand-in for the body, complete with ping pong balls for eyes!  The delightfully fun and simple project will add a spooky touch to your outdoor Halloween display. Check out the full tutorial and fantastic photos at the post.


Personal Pumpkin Flair

This eye-catching pumpkin art project from Inspired Housewife is just what you need to spice up your family’s fall mantel.

Just grab paint, glitter, a stencil and a fake or real pumpkin and let your kids create their masterpiece. It’s not only a super fun way for your children to personalize their art, it’s easy, too!


Fun Faces

Let your imagination be your guide with this brilliant (and mess-free!) DIY Jack O’Lantern felt board idea from Crafts by Amanda.

To make your own, cut out a pumpkin shape from orange felt and glue it to a piece of cardboard. Snip out different shapes for the nose, eyes and mouth and let your kids create different faces for endless fun. Best of all, this craft can be stored and used again next year! Be sure to see the full post for great ideas on how to make funny, scary and surprised faces. 


Spook-takular Cards

We are utterly charmed by this sweet thumbprint pumpkin patch card project from Makes and Takes.

Use your fingerprint and paint to make the pumpkins, then draw in festive faces — it’s as simple as that! Kids can craft these cards as an unexpected Halloween gift for friends and family or simply use as festive décor around the house — either way, your little ones will have a blast personalizing each card’s message and Jack O’Lantern face. Head to the blog for a full walk-through and tips on how best to do this project.


A Pumpkin Tale

Featured on Creations by Kara, we love these creative pumpkins made from book pages. These little beauties are perfect for the bookworm in your family and will make a lovely addition to your fall décor.

To make your own, you'll need scissors, a book, glue, orange paint, a twig and green ribbon. Let your little one choose the book and gather the twig from outside. Be sure to check out the post for the full tutorial and you’ll have one of these ready to deck your halls in no time!


Jack-o-Hoop Hijinks

The folks over at Sewing School say this Jack O’ Hoop project is a “must-do” this Halloween, and we have to agree.

Great for kids of all ages or even as a fun fall class project, adults may need to help the smaller ones tighten the fabric around the embroidery hoop to ensure a perfect pumpkin face. Your brood can get creative with the supplies they use to deck out their very own pumpkin face. Hang it on your front door and give trick-or-treaters an extra-spooky surprise!

Head to the full post for the amazing images and complete tutorial.


It’s All in a (Pumpkin) Name

Kids will surely have a great time with this pumpkin name activity, offered up by Fantastic Fun and Learning. Mom Shaunna recommends this craft as a class project because it’s not only fun, but also provides a fantastic lesson in fine motor skills as they learn how to lace the pumpkin together. Keep the finished product around all season and use it to practice name recognition.

Visit the original post for the tutorial, materials and smart ideas for making this versatile craft.


Holey pumpkin, Halloween! Here’s a great and engaging project from Scrumdilly-Do for your little guy or girl who enjoys swinging a toy mallet. Simply pound into a pumpkin as many golf tees as you desire into any shape or design; remove the tees, and just like that, you’ve created a bewitching nighttime fall display!

See the full post for the informative pictorial and get ready for a whacking good time!


Pumpkin Party

We’re not sure what we love most about this lovely Halloween craft idea – the fun and festive look or the fact that it only requires two items to make. The team over at Blissfully Domestic has the tutorial to make these simple, yet beautiful, beaded pumpkins. It’s perfect for a party, the classroom or just a crafty fall weekend.

Let your little one choose the shape of their pumpkin, wear them as bracelets or decorate the house – the possibilities are endless!  


No-Sew Cinch

We’re loving these hip and adorable no-sew pumpkin bracelets from Merriment Design. Thanks to the magic of VELCRO Reusable Ties, this project is an easy one for toddlers. They'll have fun drawing in the pumpkin faces and modeling their new accessories for the family. You can even make spooky skull and witch bracelets to match!

Merriment offers a free pattern and step-by-step tutorial for this super fun idea.

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