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6 No-Carve Halloween Pumpkin Ideas for Toddlers

Jen Betterley

Published on: September 16, 2013


Mess-free pumpkin decorating for toddlers by Modern Parents, Messy KidsMess-Free and Spooky-Cool

Featured on Seattle-based site, Modern Parents, Messy Kids, we love these ideas for creating mess-free jack-o-lanterns. Mama Steph explains that her family first hits up the pumpkin patch in early October and then they wait for a couple of weeks before her tots get busy with decorating their gourds (a perfect 2-for-1 family activity!).

To make these two beauties, Steph’s brood used sticky back foam sheets (Amazon; $5-6), that work much like stickers after you’ve cut out your chosen shapes. (She also recommends splurging on the glitter sheets for an extra sparkly effect!) However, Steph says that pre-made foam Halloween stickers found in the crafting section will also do the trick just as well (shown on the smaller pumpkin), depending on what your child has in mind.


Mrs. Pumpkin Head by Zakka LifePumpkin Play

Got a Mr. Potato Head that could use a little rejuvenation? Don’t miss out on this fun idea for making a Mrs. (or Mr.) Pumpkin Head, offered up by Zakka Life. Perfect for families that are looking for spook-free Halloween decorations, this cool personalized pumpkin is easy for little kids to make — and it can be played with like the actual toy.

To get started, you’ll only need to have a screwdriver handy for poking out your pumpkin’s facial and body features — Mama Jessica recommends being a bit conservative with the size of your holes so the pieces fit nicely. And other than that, you’re all set to begin giving this year’s pumpkin a little personality and pizazz!


Glitter Halloween pumpkins by The Rabens FamilyGlittery Goods

It doesn’t get much better than these sparkly decorative gourds included on The Rabens Family!

To make your own fancy shiny jack-o-lanterns, simply paint your pumpkins with a layer of white glue and then get to work on shaking out your adorning sparkles. Super easy for small hands and yet a gorgeous idea for snazzing up your porch for this year’s trick-or-treating fun!



Mustached Halloween pumpkins by Faboolous Masters of Disguise

Another great idea for carve- and mess-free pumpkins that still pack a lot of personality, we love these mustached jacks featured on Faboolous.

Made using craft foam or felt, simply cut out your varying mustaches and pin or glue them on to your pumpkins — that’s it! Top one off with a hat (as shown) if you have one, or maybe even add some googly eyes — the options for decorating these cool gourds are endless. And if you are hoping to make the exact same mustaches shown, be sure to check out the full post for Mama Juliann’s free tutorial and walk-through.


Silly Halloween pumpkins by Alpha MomMasked to Perfection

This silly masked pumpkin featured on Alpha Mom is perfect for the families that are only interested in decorating this year’s pumpkin — and for those that want to decorate their pumpkin mid-October and still carve them later on before Halloween. A potential pre-jack, so to speak!

To make your own, simply gather up your adorning materials — such as pom poms, feathers, glitter, and stickers — and begin gluing them onto a face mask. Once everything has dried, cut out some funny eyes from a magazine and glue them onto the back of the mask. Since everything besides the pumpkin’s lips are attached to the mask, you’ll only have to worry about taking the mouth off the actual pumpkin, come carving time (if your family chooses to do both). Either way, this is one pumpkin that’s sure to get plenty of giggles and smiles from passersby!


Mix-and-match Halloween pumpkins by Make and TakesMixin' and Matchin'

And for more in craft foam fun, we love these mix-and-match pumpkins included on Make and Takes!

Much like the Mr. Pumpkin Head idea, these colorful gourds can be made by gluing Velcro mini circles onto your pumpkin for the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and other facial features. Then simply cut out your foam shapes or bedazzling features and glue the Velcro pieces on to their backs as well. Once everything has dried, your child will love switching out the pumpkin’s hair for a hat, or testing out which ears and nose suits your family’s new Halloween friend best! Check out the full post for an excellent pictorial and tips on mix-and-match features.

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