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Swing High, Zip Fast: Most Adventurous Playgrounds Around Seattle

The playgrounds with the tallest slides, fastest zip lines, best climbing walls and more

There’s a lot of discussion in the media these days about whether we are giving kids enough opportunities to take physical risks in their free play. One way for parents and caregivers to encourage kids to safely test their limits is to seek out local parks that offer more challenging playground equipment. Here are our top picks for Seattle-area playgrounds where kids can get a true thrill, from steep slides to high-flying swings to long zip lines. (Note: Remember to always read signage at parks for safe play guidelines and make sure your child knows his or her limits.)

Steepest slides

Artists at Play, Seattle Center

Artists at Play playground, Seattle Center. Photo by Linnea Westerlind
Artists at Play playground, Seattle Center. Photo by Linnea Westerlind

Opened in May 2015, the artist-designed playground at the Seattle Center (at the Next 50 Plaza, near EMP Museum and the Armory) is possibly the most adventure-oriented playgrounds in the greater Seattle area. Features include a jaw-dropping, 35-foot climbing structure, one of the tallest such structures in North America. Kids (recommended ages, 5–12) can scale the rope ladders that lead straight to the top or take the route up through the large climbing net and then traverse the narrow rope passageways to reach the top of two tall tube slides. Other creative elements of the playground include an ADA-accessible swing set that prompts wind chimes to ring; an ingenious sound fence where kids can pull on a billiards ball and a string plays a perfectly tuned note; a labyrinth; and a smaller play structure. Read our full review here.

Location: Next 50 Plaza, Seattle Center. Paid parking is available in several lots and on side streets. Many buses stop close to Seattle Center. Another option is to take the Monorail from Westlake Center.

Othello Playground, South Seattle

A longtime favorite, Othello Playground’s long metal slide is built into a steep grass hillside. Climb the wooden stairs and then get ready for a fast ride to the bottom. Kids will want to take this ride again and again. This park also features two play structures, swings, a zip line and lots of space for games of Frisbee or soccer.

Location:  4351 S. Othello St. in South Seattle. Free street parking is available on the street. The Othello light rail station is located one block to the east.

Summit Park, Issaquah

This little-known neighborhood park in the Issaquah Highlands community has two exhilarating slides that start at the top of a hill. Parents can check out views from the top as kids zoom down these curving plastic slides. Older kids will enjoy the Kompan climbing structure. Don’t miss the oversized checkers and chess boards. Note, Summit Park is a private park owned by the Issaquah Highlands Community Association, but it’s open to the public.

Location: Corner of 30th Ave. N.E. and N.E. Harrison St. in Issaquah. Free street parking is available.

Thrilling zip lines

Lincoln Park, West Seattle

Dozens of parks in the area have zip lines now, but Lincoln Park’s has been around for a long time and is still one of the most exciting. The ride starts out slowly but picks up speed before hitting the tire for a giant bounce. Nearby you’ll find a wooden playground, sandbox and swings. The beach is also a fantastic play option, just a short walk down a paved path. Tip: Check out the interesting, hobbit-house-like restrooms near the beach.

Location:  8011 Fauntleroy Way. Park in the southern parking lot located at Fauntleroy Way S.W. and S.W. Cloverdale St. in West Seattle. Buses also run regularly along Fauntleroy Way S.W.

Rainier Beach Playfield, South Seattle

Rainier Beach Playfield has a newer playground packed with fun equipment, including one of the longest zip lines in Seattle. Jump off the little hill for a long, smooth ride. The playground also has a tall net climber and other challenging rope elements including a cool bridge. The wonderful Rainier Beach Pool is located adjacent to the playground if you want to make your trip into a longer outing.

Location: 8802 Rainier Ave. S. in South Seattle. Parking is available in the lot near the playground. The South Henderson Street light rail station is located a half mile to the east of the park.

Highest swings

Cowen Park, North Seattle

The Cowen Park swings are well known for being very long, allowing kids to reach an impressive height. In addition to the two regular swings and two baby swings, Cowen Park has a playground with slides, a merry-go-round and a zip line. Hiking trails that connect to Ravenna Park are a fun excursion for families and older kids.

Location: 5849 15th Ave. N.E. in North Seattle. Parking is available along the side streets.

Woodland Park, North Seattle

Woodland Park's 12-foot playground swings are some of the tallest in the city. Four regular swings and one baby swing are connected on one structure. The playground features a large treehouse-style attraction and a dome net climber. For younger siblings, there’s a mini version of the treehouse and more baby swings. The playground is a great place to visit before or after a trip to the zoo.

Location: Immediately north of the Woodland Park Zoo at Phinney Ave. N. and N. 59th St. Free parking is available on nearby residential streets. Paid parking is available in the adjacent Zoo parking lot.

Tallest net climbers

Powell Barnett Park, Seattle’s Central District

Powell Barnett’s net climber gives kids a thrilling climb and a view of the rest of the playground, which has plenty of fun and challenging things to do. The Kompan play structure includes a steep steel slide and climbing walls. Little ones have several smaller play spaces including a cute fire truck and play house. In the summer, kids can splash in the wading pool.

Location: 352 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Seattle. Parking is available on the street.

Roxhill Park, West Seattle

A popular West Seattle Park, Roxhill Park boasts a fun dome climber that offers challenges at various levels as kids master their climbing skills. Older kids can also test out the unusual climbing wall that consists of rock climbing holds fastened to vertical poles. The large playground that resembles a castle is exciting for all ages. Roxhill Park also has a large sandbox, swings and short walking trails.

Location: 2850 S.W. Roxbury St. in West Seattle. Parking is available in a small lot. Buses stop regularly along S.W. Roxbury St.

Best rock climbing walls

Deane's Children's Park, Mercer Island

This amazing forested park can keep kids busy for hours. Older kids and even teenagers can do some serious bouldering on the large rock climbing structure. Two large playgrounds provide more fun — one has taller challenges and the other is designed for littler kids. And all ages can appreciate the fun dragon slide that’s been an icon in the Mercer Island community for decades. This shady park is ideal for hot summer days. During summer, kids can also build away at the park's Adventure Playground program.

Location: 5500 Island Crest Way in Mercer Island. Note: On some maps programs, this park is called Island Crest Park. A parking lot is located close to the play area.

Bayview-Kinnear Park, Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood

Tucked underneath one of Seattle’s most famous viewpoints, Kerry Park, you’ll find Bayview-Kinnear Park (also known as Lower Kerry Park). Rock-climbing holds cover a long cement wall along one side of the play area. Kids can practice bouldering back and forth and even getting a little bit of height off the wood chips. The other big draw at this park is the set of fast slides that are built into the hillside. You’ll also find challenging Kompan play equipment.

Location: Third Ave. W. & W. Prospect St. on Queen Anne. Free parking is available along the street.

Overall adventure playground

Jefferson Park, South Seattle

For a full day of activities to challenge your kids, take a trip to Jefferson Park on Beacon Hill. At the top of “Beacon Mountain,” you’ll find the most exciting attractions: Two zip lines cross the hillside — including the longest in Seattle! Nearby you’ll find two slides — one is so steep that parents should watch little kids near the top. The park also has several pieces of Kompan equipment including another steep slide and challenging climbing elements. All ages will enjoy the spray park that’s open in the summer and flat paved paths that are perfect for biking.

Location: 3801 Beacon Ave S. in South Seattle. Free parking is available in the parking lot. Buses stop frequently nearby.

Editor's note: This article was written in August 2014 and updated in May 2016.

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