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Swing High, Zip Fast: Most Adventurous Playgrounds Around Seattle and the Eastside

Where to find the tallest slides, fastest zip lines, best climbing walls and more

Published on: March 22, 2022

Montlake playfield adventure playground credit  Linnea Westerlind
Montlake Playfield. Photo credit: Linnea Westerlind

Catch a thrill!

A topic of debate in recent years has been whether we are giving kids enough opportunities to take physical risks in their free play. One way for parents and caregivers to encourage kids to safely test their limits is to seek out local parks that offer more challenging playground equipment.

Read on for some top picks for Seattle- and Eastside-area playgrounds where kids can get a true thrill, from steep slides to high-flying swings to long zip lines. (Note: Remember to always read signage at parks for safe play guidelines and make sure your child knows his or her limits.)

Use the arrows above the image to find thrilling places to play.

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