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8 Hidden-Gem Playgrounds With Beautiful Views

Soak up amazing views of water and mountains at scenic parks around Seattle

Published on: March 28, 2022

ella bailey park
Ella Bailey Park | Credit: Linnea Westerlind

The best playgrounds for blue-sky days

Parents, grandparents and nannies spend a lot of time at playgrounds in the Seattle area, pushing kids on swings, digging along in sandboxes and — if we’re lucky — perhaps relaxing on benches nearby. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a gorgeous view to enjoy while spending time at the park? On the next no-cloud-in-the-sky day, check out one of these fantastic, lesser-known playgrounds.

We've picked out the best Puget Sound, Lake Washington and mountain views around town. Use the arrows above the image to check them out.

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