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Baby's First Year: A Guide to Development Month by Month

Published on: April 29, 2013

New moms and dads, you are setting out on an adventure! We've got the advice, ideas and developmental information you need to track your baby's first year of amazing milestones.

You’ve anticipated baby’s arrival for nine months, poring over parenting articles and tracking his or her development in the womb. After a dramatic entrance, here your baby is! Your little bundle is eating, crying or pooping every two hours and you can’t see straight. You don’t have time to read all those parenting books you bought with the best intentions! That’s why we created this quick and easy guide to baby’s first year. You can read it in between posting photos on Facebook and Tweeting about every little thing your beautiful baby does.

Click on the months below to learn about your baby's physical and cognitive developments, social milestones and watch to watch out for, plus find extra resources for learning more about your baby's development during the first year. And of course, remember: Every baby develops differently, and there is a wide range of normal. If you have concerns, always ask your doctor. Oh, and congratulations!

Baby's first month

First Month

Baby's second month

Second Month

Baby's third month

Third Month

Baby's fourth month

Fourth Month

Baby's fifth month

Fifth Month

Baby's sixth month

Sixth Month

Baby's seventh month

Seventh Month

Baby's eighth month

Eighth Month

Baby's ninth month

Ninth Month

Baby's tenth month

Tenth Month

Baby's eleventh month

Eleventh Month

Baby one year old twelve months

Twelfth Month

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