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Backyard Environmental Learning Activities for Kids and Families

Awesome backyard projects provide both academic and vitamin D enrichment

Published on: March 22, 2022

Backyard Environmental Learning Activities for Kids and Families

spider web with raindrops dewdrops

Wonder about water

Even toddlers can grasp the concept of water pollution by performing a simple activity (conducted outdoors to minimize cleanup, and with weather permitting) to “pollute” and then filter a bucket of water. A similar water treatment experiment using sedimentation, filtration and disinfection is good for older kids. Making a rain gauge is a surprisingly satisfying enterprise for kids of all ages, as is exploring the outdoors on a rainy day.

Older kids can follow step-by-step instructions to find plumbing leaks inside and outside of the house. Kids will use investigative skills, perform tests, learn about water use and even do a little math on the way to saving water.

Teens can learn about potential water contaminants and the problem of lead in drinking water. Then they can take water samples from your faucets and outdoor water sources and test them with a home test kit. Or, for a more ambitious outdoor water project, they can build a rain garden.

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