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Bellingham: A Last-Minute Summer Escape for Seattle-Area Families

Just 90 minutes from Seattle, this outdoorsy town features fun parks, trails, ice cream and more

Published on: August 12, 2022

This boardwalk in Bellingham, Washington, connects the Fairhaven neighborhood and Boulevard Park on the city's south side. Bellingham is a great day-trip or overnight getaway destination for Seattle-area families
Popular Taylor Dock boardwalk connects the Fairhaven neighborhood with Boulevard Park.

Family escape to Bellingham

As summer nears its end, my family is itching for more adventures — but not for a long road trip. A nearby solution is Bellingham, which boasts a fabulous array of parks and other attractions for adventurous Northwest families.

Its natural areas feel refreshingly wild, while the city — encompassing both downtown and the historic Fairhaven neighborhood — offers a dynamic small-town vibe with plenty to see and do. The relatively short 90-minute drive from Seattle means it’s far enough away to feel like an escape, but close enough to use less than a tank of gas.

Check out these top Bellingham adventures!

First stop: Larrabee State Park

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