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10 Delicious Apple Recipes for Kids and Families

From appetizers to dessert, we've got you covered for fall recipes

Shar Petit

Published on: September 02, 2022

Apple Butter
Food and Hearth

After a fun outing to pick apples, there are plenty of great recipes to use up your bounty of fresh fruit. Making apple butter is a great way to use up a glut of apples, and it can be stored in jars for winter. If you want to go beyond apple butter, there are lots of novel ways to incorporate apples into your favorite breakfasts, snacks and even dinners. Check out these ideas below for some inspiration. 

1. Apple butter 

The best part of this apple butter recipe by Food and Hearth is the spicy-sweet autumn smell that will fill your house when you’re making it. Mama Kate suggests adding a spoonful with your morning toast, or go a savory route and pair it with pork or turkey.

2. Apple quesadillas

This idea for apple quesadillas by Baked by Rachel fits on the family menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The addition of sliced apple and bacon ups the ante on the simple cheddar version we’re all bored with.

3. Cheese and apple crostini

Bookmark this recipe by The Chic Site for cheddar-apple crostini. We predict it will save the day for an elegant last-minute potluck appetizer. A sliced baguette, ricotta cheese and sharp cheddar slices are the main ingredients for this savory starter.

4. Breakfast taters with apple

We’re craving potatoes at all times of the day, and this recipe by Eating Rules adds a fall flair to breakfast with green apples. Tip: Add the apples in the last few minutes of cooking time to avoid a mushy mess.

5. Health(ier) apple donuts

A warm apple-cinnamon anything screams fall comfort food, but often that comes with loads of butter and sugar. This idea for baked apple donuts by Chocolate and Carrots cuts out a little of the bad stuff by subbing in components such as whole grain flour, low-fat milk and grated apples.

6. Apple pie smoothies

Forget pumpkin-spiced everything and make way for apple-pie-flavored treats such as this smoothie idea by Gimme Some Oven. Fresh apples, bananas, almond milk, Greek yogurt and other healthy mix-ins make for a delicious and protein-packed fall treat.

7. Baked apple pancake 

Get out your skillet! This recipe by Unsophisticook has us thinking about apple pie under the guise of breakfast food. Caramelized apples come together in a crispy-on-the-top, custardy-in-the-middle baked wonder.

8. Squash stuffed with apple 

Nutmeg Nanny’s idea for a stuffed apple-nut squash is cute enough to get the kids to forget squash is a veggie and tasty enough to keep them eating it to the core! Pumpkin seeds, chopped nuts and cherries add crunch and sweetness to this fall-inspired dish.

9. Spiced apple cupcakes

This recipe for apple cupcakes by Pint-Sized Baker is begging to be brought into a classroom. Use boxed spice cake mix as the base, scoop in some apple filling and top them off with the cuter-than-cute stem motif made from icing and candies.

10. Apple pie dip

Here’s a new idea to add to the football Sunday smorgasbord — apple pie dip by The Peach Kitchen. Essentially, it’s a version of homemade apple pie filling (diced finely), but paired with cinnamon-sugar tortillas. Touchdown!

Editor’s note: This story was published a number of years ago and updated in September 2022.

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