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Winter Vacation Planner: Best Nearby Getaways for Seattle-Area Families

Kid-friendly destinations around Washington for winter and spring

Nancy Chaney

Published on: December 09, 2021

Kids playing in the small waves at Long Beach Washington best family getaways from seattle for winter spring 2021-2022
Playing on the beach at Long Beach, Washington.

Nearby getaway spots for your family vacation

To get us through our dark and dreary winter (and rainy spring), many Seattle-area families plan vacations. If they're lucky, this may include flying to a warm and sunny spot.

But due to budget considerations or young kids still waiting to be vaccine-eligible, many of us need to stick closer to home. But we still would like a change of scenery and a break from our humdrum daily life. What to do?

To help, we've gathered together some of our top local travel stories, each highlighting one or more nearby getaway destinations for Washington families. You can pile your fam into the car to get to these places, and bring along your own gear and food (and in a few cases even the family dog!).

Use the arrows above the image to take a cruise through nearby getaway ideas and see if one might suit your crew this season.

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