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Delicious Destinations: Global Cuisine Restaurants for Seattle-Area Families

No passport needed to try these cultural dining experiences

Kate Missine

Published on: October 18, 2021

Delicious Destinations: Global Cuisine Restaurants for Seattle-Area Families

Skalka meal
Courtesy of Skalka

1. Get a taste of Georgia at Skalka

Your kiddos may be familiar with Georgia, the state, but what about Georgia, the country? Nestled between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, this nation (a former Soviet republic) is known for its sunny climate, warm hospitality and unique foods. Its cuisine is a bright fusion of Mediterranean and Central Asian flavors, using lots of herbs, nuts and sun-dried fruits.

Skalka (Russian for “rolling pin”) is a welcome addition to Seattle’s downtown waterfront, and the first eatery to bring Georgian cuisine to the area. Chef Khatuna Kopaliani serves favorites from her hometown of Batumi: khinkali, juicy dumplings with savory fillings; and khachapuri, which are kid-pleasing “boats” of buttery dough filled with gooey melted cheese and topped with egg. Owner and pastry chef Mariia Tarasova, a local mom of two toddlers, whips up freshly baked treats every day. Pickup and delivery options are available.

Culture side dish: Check out one of the Eastern European markets in the area, such as Marvel Food and Deli or Arbat Natural Foods, to discover fun, novel treats (try the cheesecake-like Dadu bars!) and traditional items, such as matryoshka nesting dolls, to take home.

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