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5 Super Stroller Hikes in Western Washington

Toddler-friendly hikes for families from local hiking-with-kids guidebook

Author Susan Elderkin

Published on: July 14, 2023

5 Super Stroller Hikes in Western Washington

"Best Hikes with Kids: Western Washington" book cover

More great hikes with kids

Editor’s note: Find more great hikes for your family in “Best Hikes With Kids: Western Washington,” featuring 125 hikes of no more than 6 miles in length, and all with fairly gentle elevation gain. Also included: where to find berries, see animals, or encounter some delightfully wild and weird places. So, gather your crew, stock up on snacks, and we’ll see you out on the trail! This excerpt was first published with permission in 2018 and updated with permission for 2023.

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