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Best Winter Weather Gear to Get Your Family Outside

Waterproof rain pants, fishing bibs, snuggly socks, cozy boots and more

Published on: November 17, 2023

Best Winter Weather Gear to Get Your Family Outside

Rain suit from Frogg Toggs

Waterproof yourself

Eddie Bauer rain slicker 

Rain pants and bibs

Everyone in the Pacific Northwest needs good rain pants. Lightweight fishing bibs will keep your kids’ legs as dry as can be and are easy to rinse off after playtime.

Soggy jeans and leggings are a major reason why adults give up on outdoor recreation in inclement weather. Just say no to freezing cold extremities and protect your whole body from storm surges. Invest in good rain pants, such as these options from Patagonia and Marmot

Toddlers can play and splash all day while staying toasty warm and cozy in this all-weather fleece onesie.

When you need to put a quick and easy waterproof layer over your toddler or preschooler before heading outside to play, you’ll want to have some waterproof coveralls on hand. 

Rain jackets

You might already own a raincoat, but do you have one made with heavy-duty fabric, an adjustable hood and deep pockets to hold snacks, or one roomy enough to fit over midweight layers? Check out this deluxe version of a basic slicker for women. Eddie Bauer also offers a good option for men with this vented, adjustable and packable coat that will repel some of the harshest weather. You can even get an entire rain suit for kids from Frogg Toggs that will outfit your family for almost unlimited nasty weather frolicking.


It might be time to upgrade your umbrella to something that can withstand gale-force gusts. Or to grab a bumbershoot that will match your kids’ sensibilities, from a pop-up shark to a 3-D unicorn that will keep them excited about rushing out into the rain.

Next Step: Keep your feet warm and dry

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