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CD Review: “Apple Apple” by The Harmonica Pocket

Published on: December 30, 2013

apple-apple-the-harmonica-pocketReleased August 14, Apple Apple is a collection of kid-friendly pop songs by eco-conscious Puget Sound musicians The Harmonica Pocket.  The tunes are light and airy, the stories whimsical, and the overall vibe earthy and playful.  Families can enjoy this versatile album together indoors and out.

My first introduction to the album was the video for the track “Diaperman,” which intrigued my classroom of preschoolers and quickly became our circle-time kickoff song.  Diaperman, a green superhero, meets the littering Nincompoop and wins him over with hugs and friendship — thanks to a breezy melody and DIY puppet show.  Musician Keeth Monta Apgar and vocalist Nala Walla strum and sing with an almost hypnotizing calm, telling stories that capture kids’ imagination.

With solar-powered production and the sounds of guitars, toy piano, and ukulele, Apple Apple will engage all ages and imaginations.

Plan to take the whole family out to the band’s live show this Thursday, August 16 at the Queen Anne Farmers Market at 5 p.m.

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