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Cool new stuff for moms and tots!

Published on: May 01, 2008

raves_bellysock_200x300.jpgSock it to me!
Banish "belly flash" forever with this simple yet ingenious Seattle-mom invention: the Belly Sock. Pull this stretchy tube up over your bump, pop on your favorite (non-maternity) top, and voilà! instant style without blowing a bundle on maternity clothes. The nursing style gives moms a little tum coverage, so you don't flash while feeding. $29;


Here's a great gift for a new mom: a swaddling blanket that comes with an instructional DVD! The blanket is bright and colorful, and made with two layers of supersoft flannel; the DVD includes directions on swaddling, soothing and other sleep inducers.  $29.95;

raves_dough_200x172.jpgDough a dear
Like a Montessori lesson in a box, these nifty little kits pack in a lot o' learnin' with the mix. Each kit (there are four) includes a dry mix and directions for baking pretzels, cookies or bread, plus a little lesson booklet that ties the baking in with subjects like science and math. The geography kit includes templates for making continent cookies; the booklet includes "fun facts" about the planet. $10-$12;

raves_monster_200x274.jpgBanish beasties
Fair warning: No monsters allowed! Cute, customized stretched-canvas wall art by local HipKidArt gives Cyclops and other evil-doers the word; other styles feature cupcakes, crowns, cars and more. From $75;

raves_200x180.jpgBaby booster
Moms love this nursing pillow for its back support - and its security. The My Brest Friend pillow straps around your waist, so it doesn't shift when baby moves. One of our writers raves, "It's so secure - you can literally walk around the house with it!" Cover zips off for washing. $45;

raves_butterlonden_200x273.jpgTwinkle toes
Got a little "me time"? Get sparkly nails without chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene or phthalates. Butter London's new superposh "3 Free" line of polishes comes in gorgeous colors (such as "Chancer," shown here) fresh off the catwalks of London and New York. Spendy, yes, but no chips yet and it's been three days and counting! $24; available at three Seattle Butter London locations (see site), Village Maternity and

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