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Crib Notes: June News for Expectant and New Parents

Learn the latest, from recent research to gaga gear

Published on: May 25, 2018

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Have You Heard?

Holly Schindler at the University of Washington (UW) has some good news for dads: You’ve got this. It’s not a message many new dads hear, says Schindler, who’s an assistant professor in early childhood and family studies and educational psychology at the UW.

In a recent presentation for the UW College of Education, Schindler discussed her research to find better ways to support dads. During the past three years, Schindler and her team have sent a team member to the homes of new fathers every week. The team member records Dad and baby interacting. In-between visits, Schindler’s team creates a video highlight reel that, Schindler explained, shows “Dad doing really great things with his child.”

“We then show Dad his highlight reel and focus on specific parenting skills,” she said. “We explain to Dad why those skills are so important.”

Dads who completed the program engaged more positively and more frequently with their young children. They also saw decreases in parenting-related stress and any problems in their children’s behavior. Even better news? Dads gained confidence in their parenting, which benefited the whole family.

ice cream toddlerGear We’re Gaga For

Celebrate the new parents in your life with these ideas.

  • A bib with a tiny sailboat: You know Feltman Brothers as a quality line with a vintage look. Well, guess what? They make baby clothes! We particularly love the little chick and mini-sailboat on these too cute clothes.    
  • A pair of baby booties: We kind of think these from Vivi G'z look like Uggs for your baby and you know what? We don’t hate it. They also serve a practical purpose: No more searching for your little one’s lost socks!   
  • A bottle that fights against colic: This bottle from Tommee Tippee has a sci-fi look that helps fight colic, according to a survey of 200 parents. How does it work? Tommee Tippee credits the breast-like nipple shape and heat sensing tube. 

For That One Time You Get Out of the House

Treat yourself (and baby!) to a scoop to celebrate the start of summer. We’ve rounded up the best spots for ice cream in the Seattle area. Pretty sweet, huh?

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