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10 Easy Snacks for Your Summer Adventure

Make or buy these tasty treats for your next road trip, ferry ride or airplane journey

Published on: May 22, 2018


Snacks to make

1. Banana coconut muffins

If you’re hitting the road early in the morning, whip up some of these banana coconut muffins from Be Forever Healthier to eat on the way. Dairy and refined sugar-free, they are a great breakfast option and take only 30 minutes to make. 

2. Chocolate cherry granola cups

You don’t exactly want the sugar flowing on the way to a summer adventure, but the occasional treat is always part of the fun. These sweet bites from Pumpkin ‘n’ Spice top dark and white chocolate with crunchy granola and dried cherries. 

3. Gluten-free ranch snack mix recipe

A homemade ranch mix is the not-so-secret ingredient in this addictive, gluten-free snack mix from Chew Out Loud. Simply stir all the ingredients together and this recipe comes together in just minutes!

4. Peanut butter no-bake granola bars

These dairy-free, gluten-free granola bars from A Saucy Kitchen call for just seven ingredients and take about 15 minutes to make — and you’ll get 12 bars out of the deal! Great for bigger groups headed on a summer adventure.

Snacks to buy 

5. Freeze-dried berries

Freeze-dried fruit that packs a bit of a crunch, but doesn’t pack any added sugar — sounds pretty good to us! Plus, these sweet bites from Trader Joe’s are about the least stain-able way to enjoy strawberries (or raspberries). Perfect for when you’re en route.

6. Sundae funday trail mix

It’s like a sundae in a bag — but with a good dose of protein. This trail mix from Whole Foods has it all: mini dark chocolate pretzels, sour cherries, banana chips and roasted cashews. The best part? It won’t melt down your hand on a hot day. 

7. Nacho cheese cashews

These cashews from Whole Foods are tossed with cheddar cheese, buttermilk, jalapeños, onions and garlic. Is your mouth watering yet? This snack is a great source of sensible protein, paired with frivolously delicious flavors. Yes, please.

8. Vegan aged white cheddar popcorn

Popcorn is always a great, light snack for when you have the munchies but aren’t crazy hungry. This Earth Balance variety from Whole Foods has an aged white cheddar flavor that’s vegan-friendly. Divide the bag up into resealable sandwich bags for easy snacking on the go.

9. Raises the Bar bars

Not just another oat bar! These granola bars from Trader Joe's include millet, quinoa and amaranth for a delicious nutty flavor and great texture. And there are just eight grams of sugar or less in each bar. These filling bars are sure to satisfy any case anyone is beginning to get "hangry."

10. Just mango slices

Nature’s answer to gummy candy, these slices of dried mango from Trader Joe’s are chewy and sweet with nothing but mango goodness included. And would you believe that each six-ounce bag started with five pounds of tree-ripened mango? It’s a delicious fact!

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