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10 Nature Treasures to Find Around the Block

Turn your walk to school into a science and nature lesson

Ten treasures
Photo credit: Shannon Polson

In any season, a daily dose of Vitamin D outside does much to raise kids' spirits (and expend extra energy!). Need an activity to get around the block, or in the woods, especially as the days begin to get shorter? Try your very own treasure hunt. Mother Nature provides the props, and they change every season. After you're back inside, the treasures you've collected are perfect for projects, for display and for studying the natural world, the perfect combination of art, science and education.

Here are some easy-to-find treasures to start with; use these as jumping-off points to create your own nature hunts. Browse all the treasures; or skip ahead:

1. Pine cones
2. Rocks
3. Ferns
4. Leaves
5. Chestnuts
6. Lichen
7. Moss
8. Bird feathers
9. Bird nests
10. Trees and bark

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